Sir Poppy’s Apple Pie

Sir Poppy's Apple Pie
Sir Poppy’s Apple Pie

BAKING is a tricky business. I have so much respect for people who bake. But I stay away from baking for many reasons. One is because it’s too fussy. It’s like a science. You mix, add or substract too much or too little then the balance of nature is disrupted. Two is because of the amount of sugar and fats in the ingredients. I rather not know what’s in my dessert and just enjoy it. Another reason is I’m not sweet-toothed. I don’t crave sweets but there were rare occasions when I would miss something someone baked and I just had to have it again.

Like Sir Poppy Dick’s apple pie. Yes, that’s my boyfriend’s father’s name. I had the pie when I visited them in the U.S. six months ago. Sir Poppy would bake it and I would secretly look for leftovers the next day, and the next, until there’s no more left. Two days ago I asked for the recipe and Lady Mom Betty (yes, that’s my boyfriend’s mother’s name) painstakingly emailed me the recipe, complete with how to make the pie crust. I forgot to tell her that I couldn’t be bothered with making the crust. Life is too short!

Granny Smith apples
Granny Smith apples
Sliced apples ready for mixing
Sliced apples ready for mixing

I bought the cute little green apples from the farmer’s market  for $1.99 a kilo. I couldn’t find ready-made pastry in the supermarket that would fit in my 23cm pie dish. So I settled for large filo sheets which I found from Moore Wilson. What do I know? Flour and pastry perplex me. High-grade, standard, wholemeal, self-raising, plain, flaky, short sweet, puff. Come on, I just want to make an apple pie!

With my little apples, filo sheets and high-grade flour, I baked my first fruit pie. The yummy filling was Sir Poppy’s. The crumbling crust was mine. Next time I’ll double the layers of filo sheets. Or go for the short sweet stuff.

Sir Poppy's apple pie

Dolly crumbled Sir Poppy's apple pie
Dolly crumbled Sir Poppy’s apple pie

Sir Poppy’s Apple Pie ~ Recipe here

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  1. Lady Mom Betty says

    Make a New Zealand version of good ole American Apple Pie with philo when you come to visit. It will be the flakiest piecrust…EVER! Lady Mom Betty is PROUD of you!

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