“Clean-out-the-fridge” challenge

Creamy squash soup, leeks and broccoli pie
Creamy squash soup, leeks and broccoli pie

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, I challenged Seana from Cottage Grove House and Sandra from Please Pass The Recipe to come up with a recipe based on left-overs and anything we could find in the fridge that need to be thrown out soon. We called this “Clean-out-the-fridge challenge”. I like to avoid the term “cook off challenge” because it would make it a competition which it is not. This is mainly a fun way to share recipes based on a theme. I picked up a lot of tips from Sandra’s blog because she’s a master in the kitchen and Seana always uses the freshest ingredients that makes me jealous! Well, this time we used almost stale ingredients so check out their blogs to see what they have come up with.

leeks, broccoli, tomatoes, lemon

For my recipe, I used weeks-old broccoli, leeks, juice from zested orange, left-over squash soup from a couple of days ago, half-used cream, aged cheddar and pastry with the label “best before 30 March 2013” (2 days ago!) I call it “Creamy squash, broccoli and leeks pie”. I should have added some flour to make it less soupy but I am a purist and only used ingredients from the fridge =) The dish came out nicely, thank goodness!

Creamy squash soup, leeks and broccoli pie

cheese, cream, pastry\

Orange zest

Creamy squash soup, leeks and broccoli pie

Creamy squash soup, leeks and broccoli pie

I roasted the tomatoes while preparing the other ingredients but ended up not using them. The dish was tasty enough without the tomatoes so I’m saving them up for another recipe. Does it mean another week in the fridge? Hmmm …

Creamy squash, broccoli and leeks pie ~ Recipe here


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    Ahem! Wow Dolly! Magnificent. This is an amazing creation and I hope you do post your recipe. I would never have thought to make a pie with squash soup! Thank you for another fun adventure! (Next time I promise to keep mine “meatless”!) 🙂

    • says

      Hi Seana. Ha ha! You don’t have to promise anything! I also eat meat from two-legged animals. My squash soup was left-over from a slow-cooked dish of chicken drumsticks, squash and cream of mushroom. The chicken was gone but some soup remained.

  2. says

    So glad to have come across your blog (via Seana at the Tiny White Cottage). Your photos are gorgeous and I love the creativity of your clean out the fridge creation. I am looking forward to reading more and seeing more of your photography. I love it too but am still learning.

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