The surest way to go to hell …

… is to try these sinfully gooey fudgy-licious brownies!

Dark orange chocolate hazelnut brownies
Dark orange chocolate hazelnut brownies

If there is something I enjoy baking over and over again, it’s brownies. It is so easy to do. No need to knead. Over-mixing is a no, no. Just fold wet and dry ingredients together, put them in the oven for 20 minutes and you’re done. After eating one brownie you can go to hell! I mean, they are so delicious because of all the sinful ingredients. Take sugar, for example. Two cups of sugar make 16 pieces of brownies. That’s 2 tablespoons of sugar per brownie! Add to that a cup of butter and 4 eggs. I also added half a cup of hazelnut chocolate spread. And a block of dark chocolate. Did I mention 2 cups of sugar?

These brownies are not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for guilt-free brownies, head over to my healthy brownie recipes on

A chocolate cookbook caught my eye as I was wandering around my favorite gourmet store Moore Wilson’s in Wellington. I was mesmerized by the photos so I instantly added the cookbook to my wish list and ordered it online. The book is from the owners of New Zealand’s famous brand of chocolate: Whittaker.

The recipe for these brownies is based on Claire Burger’s Dark Orange Chocolate Brownies. My wicked version with mint and hazelnuts is a bad-ass!

Dark orange chocolate hazelnut brownies

Adapted from Whittaker’s Passion for Chocolate recipe: Dark orange chocolate hazelnut brownies ~ Recipe here


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    Awww. so rich and satisfyingly delicious, I can tell. I needed a good brownie recipe. As you know I am not a “baker” and I think I could make these. My son thanks you! 🙂 And another piece of gorgeous pottery…

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    Oh wow. These look incredibly rich, gooey and delicious! I am a sucker for a good brownie. For some reason I haven’t made any orange chocolate brownies before. I need to try this recipe! Not sure whether I’ve seen Whittakers orange chocolate over here (Australian supermarkets only stock a limited range of Whittakers) but I’ve definitely seen the Green and Black’s Maya Gold (similar, I imagine!). Yum. Thanks lovely! xx

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