IFBC 2013, Seattle Washington

Last year’s International Food Bloggers Conference was held in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t part of my planned trip to the U.S. so I didn’t go. This year though, I finally did. I took the train to Seattle, Washington and stayed in the foodie capital for 3 days.

The following photos were actually taken a year ago during a road trip to Seattle. They are still valid, I guess. Pictures don’t have expiration dates.

Seneca Street Sign, Pike Place

On the way to the famous Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Public Market Sign

The towering billboard.

Fresh Salmon

Fresh coho (silver) salmon for $6.99/lb. I wonder if the price has increased since then?

Wild Jumbo Shrimp

Wild jumbo white shrimp for $21.99/lb. Tempting!

Rock Fish

“I’m a big ass rock fish!” The sign says. $5.99/lb. I’ll buy that!

Jumbo Cold Water Lobster

Jumbo cold water lobster tails for $35.99/lb. Seattle water has lots of jumbo species.

Market vendor with tattoo

She means business.

Crimini Mushrooms

Crimini mushrooms for $3.99/lb. How are they different from button mushrooms?

Pike Place Market scene

Fruit tasting is free.

Market vendor

A happy vendor makes a happy customer.

Fresh Tuna

“We pack seafood for the airplane!” They cater for tourists, no doubt about that.

Market vendor

For a while there I thought I was in Italy.

World's Tallest Man

The one next to the world’s tallest man is mine. =)

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Pike Place Market is the best attraction in Seattle, Washington. It is a feast for all the senses!

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    I think I better get down to Pike’s Place Market a little more often. It’s always so crowded I get a little discouraged and leave… I do like to take my out of town guests and buy some fish to cook for dinner though. And the Beecher’s Cheese is always an attraction. Great you were able to use your photo’s from last year….maybe you didn’t make it to Pike’s Place this time…(don’t blame you) 🙂

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