Simple joy #18 Leftover turkey pie

Leftover turkey pie
Leftover turkey pies in ramekins
Leftover turkey pie
Leftover turkey pot pie

A week after Christmas and we still had leftover roast turkey lurking in the fridge. Most people would just throw away whatever was left clinging to turkey bones and stuff. But not me. I don’t waste anything worth salvaging. That’s why I love second hand stores.

Leftover turkey pie

Over the course of almost two weeks, the 4.5 kg roast turkey would see JD and I through many meals: noodles and salads and sandwiches. I’ve also made creamy potato soup from leftover roast turkey stuffing, mashed potato and gravy.

I’ve made soup stock from the bones but some meat stuck to the frames and I couldn’t bear to just throw that away. I carefully picked out the bones with my hands (Something I learned: doing this with the cold turkey straight out of the fridge was less slimy and easier!) The salvaged meat was what I used as the main ingredient for the recipe that I got from Next-Day Turkey Pot Pie | Shine Supper Club.

Leftover turkey pie

The result was a super-tasty and creamy turkey pie. We needed warm bread to wipe the last of the leftovers from our plates. But that’s not a problem at all!

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  1. Lady Betty says

    Your turkey pot pies look wonderful and I am sure that they were absolutely delicious. I liked your folksy set up and the personal touch of the stars on the crusts. Great Post…..

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