Seafood pasta with fennel and leek cream sauce

Seafood pasta with fennel and leek cream sauce
Seafood pasta with fennel and leek cream sauce

I was staring at this photo of the pasta dish I made using fennel and leeks and I knew, even if it looked perfect, that something was not quite right but couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. Then it finally dawned on me that I should have used the fennel fronds I set aside as garnish instead of parsley! It would have made sense. It was a fennel sauce after all. If I didn’t forget my fennel fronds, this photo would have been absolutely perfect. Perhaps I should do it again tomorrow? I still have some sauce left. I just have to set everything up again, find that perfect light, shoot from that perfect angle, and make sure I have my perfect garnish. But why always strive for perfection? Isn’t good enough enough?

Although I wasn’t 100% satisfied with this photo, it made me happy. It was way better than other dishes I shot for my blog.

Way better than other pasta with fennel and leek cream sauce images on the internet (

Way better than Rachel Ray’s whose recipe I adapted and changed (

Besides, it tasted absolutely divine. I would do it again and again. And shoot it again and forget my perfect garnish again and still be happy.

Life is too short to have everything perfect.

Seafood pasta with fennel and leek cream sauce

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  1. Lady Betty says

    The picture is perfect as I can almost taste the fennel and leek cream sauce! Your color palette is bold and actually makes me smile.

    • says

      Thank you, Lady Betty. I got inspired to use fennel sauce from a poached fish dish I had in the office cafeteria. I should chase the chef and ask him for the recipe. I love the blue plates I got for a dollar each! The bold pink smoothies are beetroot. Can you tell?

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