Pasta Negra aka The dark side of pasta love

Pasta Negra | Seafood spaghetti in squid ink sauce

It is a tradition in the Philippines (and other Asian countries) to serve noodles during birthdays. The longer the noodles the longer and luckier the birthday celebrant’s life will be. Happy birthday, JD, my wonderful partner-in-crime! JD is an adventurous soul so this black pasta is an appropriate birthday dish.  Plus it is really very yummy you yourself won’t regret embracing the dark side!

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IFBC 2013, Seattle Washington

Last year’s International Food Bloggers Conference was held in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t part of my planned trip to the U.S. so I didn’t go. This year though, I finally did. I took the train to Seattle, Washington and stayed in the foodie capital for 3 days.

The following photos were actually taken a year ago during a road trip to Seattle. They are still valid, I guess. Pictures don’t have expiration dates.

Seneca Street Sign, Pike Place

On the way to the famous Pike Place Market.

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